Accommodations in Garafía

Casa Micaela
1 br
3 pers
Casa Rural Holiday House for Hikers and Recreationists. from € 45 / day

El Jaral
1 br
2 pers
Holidays far away from your everyday routine. from € 40 / day
Restaurante Azul Garafía
Highly recommendable Restaurant with savoury, creative and seasonal Cuisine. Closing days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
Creative Canary and international Cuisine with local products. A very pleasant ambience with small dining rooms excellent Service. Closing days: Monday, Tuesday
Well prepared Canary Cuisine. Closing days: Tuesday, Wednesday
Restaurante Briesta Garafía
restaurant / bar / cafeteria / canarian / terrace Closing day: Tuesday
Vegetable, Meat and Fish Dishes. Closing day: Friday
restaurant / bar / canarian / terrace
restaurant / bar / cafeteria / local products / canarian / terrace
bar / cafeteria
restaurant / canarian / terrace Closing day: Monday
restaurant / bar / canarian / terrace Closing day: Monday
On the terraced vineyards of Eufrosina grapes are cultivated like Listán blanco, Albillo, Negramoll, Prieto, Tintilla, Castellana, Vijariego and Almuñeco.
Ecology, sustainability and social economy became the guiding principles of the family project, initiated by the young oenologist and vintner in 2000.
Quesería Luna de Awara offers three types of homemade goat cheese.
Schmuck mit Samen vom Drachenbaum
shop / cheese / food / local production.
shop / food / supermarket.
historic building / church.
Die einzeln liegenden gravierten Steine an dieser Fundstätte waren nach Berichten vor über 60 Jahren Teile einer Pyramide.
archaeological site. Closing day: Monday
Panoramablicke in 2426 m Höhe erwarten Sie auf dem höchsten Punkt der Insel.
Wunderschöne Blicke in die Caldera de Taburiente eröffnen sich von diesem Mirador.
hiking / Wandern mit Eseln.
natural swimming pools / snorkel / difficult to access.
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