Accommodations in Barlovento

Casas Manolo
2 br
3 pers
Perfect Holiday Homes for Hiking and Nature Lovers, a short walking distance from the village. from € 40 / day
600x577 Campesino
Asador El Campesino Barlovento
Restaurant with original Canary Cuisine. Meat from charcoal grill, fish, hearty meals like pork ribs and stews. All dishes are homemade preferably by using local products. In addition to the dining room the restaurant features a large winter garden. Closing day: Tuesday
Bar Fajana
restaurant / fresh fish / terrace
Bar Centro de Día Barlovento
Breakfast / bar / cafeteria
Bar El Guanche Barlovento
bar Closing day: Sunday
Bar Pompidú Barlovento
bar / fast food
Breakfast / bar / cafeteria / fast food Closing day: Sunday
La Cueva Bar Barlovento
restaurant / bar / cafeteria / tapas / canarian / spanish Closing day: Sunday
Restaurante La Pradera Barlovento
restaurant / bar / barbecue / canarian / terrace
Brenda Rodríguez's "Granja Los Tumbitos" has been making goat cheese since 1984.
Bread & Pastries / meat / cheese / food / dairy / fruits & vegetables / wine.
Flowers, plants, decoration and vine from Bodega El Durazno.
Farmers market: every second Sunday of the month.
meat / cheese / food / local production / fruits & vegetables / supermarket.
Bread & Pastries / cheese / food / supermarket.
natural swimming pools.
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