Ecosocial Tourism

CO2-offsetting of air travels

Solar Cooker Project in Madagascar

Using solar cookers is cost and time efficient and at the same time reduces CO2-emissions and combats deforestation in Madagascar.

Myclimate - CO2-Offsetting Measures

The non-profit organisation develops climate-protection projects around the World.

Climate Change and Air travels

A La Palma traveler from Central Europe causes about 1,24 tons CO2 during his flight there and back.


The La-Palma.Travel team unanimously decided to support the ADES Solar Cooker Project in Madagascar reducing the company's carbon footprint by CO2-compensation via myclimate.


We highly appreciate our life on La Palma and feel a close bond to other islands. Moreover, we see a major benefit of the solar cooker project providing work facilitation for women and generating new jobs.

Roth Reisen GmbH (trademarks: La-Palma.Travel, is a climate-neutral travel operator:

Certificate 2015 | Certificate 1st half of 2016

You offset CO2 emissions of your flights and we say thank you by planting trees

Our La-Palma.Travel booking system makes it easy for you with 19€ to improve the CO2- balance of your flights*.

We recompense climate-conscious action and plant as many trees, as you spend nights on the beautiful Canary Island.

The climate protection project of myclimate recovers the amount of carbon dioxide caused by your flights in Madagaskar. Additionally, we say thank you by planting trees with Edenprojects.

100arboles – We plant one hundred trees each day.

We support the proactive Child Protection Organisation ECPAT


Our aim is to raise awareness for the topic "sexual exploitation of children" rather than to put it under a taboo. 

Roth Reisen GmbH clearly speaks out against any kind of child abuse trough prostitution, pornography and human trafficking. Such heinous crimes cause severe health, psychological and social damages to the affected minor. Read more...

Examples and initiatives

Puntagorda examplifies Energy Saving

An important contribution to make the "Green Island" even more greener, from an ecological point of view.

To come in first place of all Canary municipalities, Puntagorda switches over their entire municpal illumination to energy saving LED lights. With an annual cost saving up to 50.000 € implementation already pays off in the first year. Read more...