Ecosocial Tourism

CO2-offsetting of air travels

restaurante-bar-casa-goyo-aeropuerto-flugzeug-la-palma Climate Change and Air travels

A La Palma traveler from Central Europe causes about 1,24 tons CO2 during his flight there and back.

Myclimate - CO2-Offsetting Measures

The non-profit organisation develops climate-protection projects around the World.

Solar Cooker Project in Madagascar

Using solar cookers is cost and time efficient and at the same time reduces CO2-emissions and combats deforestation in Madagascar.

Child protection

Roth Reisen GmbH clearly speaks out against any kind of child abuse through prostitution, pornography and human trafficking.

Around 1,8 million children worldwide become victims of child abuse, trafficking and sexual slavery.

Such heinous crimes cause severe health, psychological and social damages to the affected minor.

We also see a danger in treating child abuse as a taboo and have decided for a sponsoring membership with ECPAT (End Child Prostitution and Trafficing).