Climate Change and Air travels

20 January 2021

CO2 is an imortant and natural Greenhouse Gas

las-cuevas-caminata-el-paso-virgen-del-pino-centro-visitantes-la-palma-23— Without the help of CO2 life on the blue planet would be impossible due to mostly sub-zero temperatures. 

Excessive carbon dioxide emissions, however, caused by motor vehicles, industrial plants, small consumers, households and not least by air traffic are serious, environmental threats.

The natural imbalance has caused a serious increase of global warming over the past years.

As a consequence we have to face climate change along with its phenomenons.


Greenhouse gas undeniably influences the complicated interaction of ocean and atmosphere. 

Because of negative impacts on the natural balance we experience more and more severe weather worldwide, a phenomenon that can also be observed in Europe, Germany and on La Palma.

More climate change characteristics are ice melting and the sea level rise.

How much CO2 is released during a flight to La Palma?

We calculated the following CO2-footprint with the help of the carbon footprint calculator:

1 traveller — Frankfurt > La Palma > Frankfurt  = 1,24 tons*

Recommendations how much CO2 should be caused per person in order to halt climate change is 2,0 t CO2 — in fact the average value is around 9,1 t CO2!

*via Tenerife 1,404 t


Offsetting Flight Emissions

restaurante-bar-casa-goyo-aeropuerto-flugzeug-la-palmaOffsetting means to balance greenhouse gases caused by the most emission-intensive kind of traveling by means of voluntary compensation payments. 


For this purpose, a certain amount of CO2 emissions, which cannot be avoided anywhere in the world, is compensated by financially supporting different, worldwide climate protection projects.

Thus, non-profit organisations help to reduce emissions by replacing fossil-based energy sources with renewable energies or by supporting energy efficient technologies.




In order to offset greenhouse gas emissions caused within the scope of our business operations on behalf of  La Palma.Travel and, the two trademarks of Roth Reisen GmbH, compensation payments are made to myclimate in favour of the above described project.



We invite you to offset your flight emissions supporting measurable climate-protection!

las-cuevas-caminata-el-paso-virgen-del-pino-centro-visitantes-la-palma-20la-palma-reise-flug-condor-airberlinYour contribution helps to replace fossil based energy resources by renewable energy or supporting energy-efficient technologies.

Of course, it is up to every traveler whether to take action and participate in the financial support of different, worldwide climate protection projects.

Participate and help to protect the climate for future generations


Regarding climate protection and sustainable development in specific regions, the different projects are contributing as follows:

  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions
  • Improving living conditions of local and regional population by generating jobs
  • Improving air and water quality
  • Protection of existing forest areas, reforestation, biodiversity preservation
  • Open up new potential in the areas of energy and resource efficiency
  • Supporting the global expansion of renewable energies.

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