Myclimate - CO2-Offsetting Measures

20 January 2021

The non-profit Organisation develops Climate-Protection Projects all over the World

Large, medium-sized and small companies, public administration, non-profit organisations, promoters and private people contribute in pushing ahead measurable climate-protection as well as a sustainable development - and so does La-Palma.Travel.


Myclimate projects reduce CO2-emissions and improve living conditions in more than 70 projects and 30 countries, in which renewable energy sources and energy efficient technologies are set up, local reforestation by small farmers and educational programs and jobs are offered.

The Federal Environmental Office of Germany recommends myclimate as a provider for voluntary CO2-Offsetting. In 2015 as well as in 2012 two myclimate-projects were personally named in honour by the Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon on the occasion of the Climate Change Conferences in Paris and Doha and furthermore were designated as so-called "Game Changing Climate Lighthouse Activities" by the UN-Framework Convention of Climate Change (UNFCCC).



More myclimate sample projects (ongoing and completed ones):

  • Switzerland: biogas plants to cut methane emissions
  • China: hydroelectric power stations replace fossil-based energy
  • Nepal: waste heaps turn into organic fertilisers
  • Uganda: clean drinking water for schools and households collected by filter systems
  • India: biogas plants for 3000 households in rural areas
  • Nicaragua: communal reforestation
  • Dominican Republic: solar power plant replaces fossil-based energy
  • Turkey: wind turbines supply renewable energy
  • Mexico: lady plumbers help save water
  • Bali: biodiesel from used oil

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