historic building / church.
Die einzeln liegenden gravierten Steine an dieser Fundstätte waren nach Berichten vor über 60 Jahren Teile einer Pyramide.
The visitor centre and park are temporarily closed for renovation work. Closing day: Monday
Panoramablicke in 2426 m Höhe erwarten Sie auf dem höchsten Punkt der Insel.
Wunderschöne Blicke in die Caldera de Taburiente eröffnen sich von diesem Mirador.
This specialised tourist centre pays tribute to the astrophysical observatory of La Palma, which is one of the best and most important in the world.

Las Tricias

Mill with attached exhibition room with old masses and handicraft tools, a video film and many display boards (German, English, Spanish) tell about the past times.


The church was built in 1571 - the building dates back to the 18th century.
For many years the old harbour had been the only safe access to the sea — and in order to get there you must descend 443 steps.
Zipline 600 metres of fun with spectacular views of the Canary island La Palma. Closing days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


On the Finca Autarca in the north-west of the island of La Palma, Barbara and Erich Graf show how over-cultivated fields and degenerated soil can be turned back into a fertile, life-giving landscape.
historic building / museum / showroom.

Tijarafe El Jesús

historic building / church.

Tijarafe La Punta



nature park / picnic area.

El Paso

cultural center / arts & culture.
nature park / nature reserve / visitor centre / showroom.
archaeological site.
archaeological site.
nature park.
natural heritage.

La Bombilla

Las Manchas

The Wine Museum is currently closed, it will reopen on 1 March 2023. Closing day: Sunday
The Tajogaite erupted in September 2021 (until December) and buried the towns of Todoque, El Paraíso and parts of La Laguna and Las Norias - the 68.8 km long lava flow radically shapes the landscape of the Aridane Valley.

Los Llanos de Aridane

arts & culture / showroom.
arts & culture / showroom.
Concert and theater stage.
historic building / church.
The exhibition is currently closed for renovation work.
sports stadium.
arts & culture / nature park.

Puerto de Naos

Der Aussichtspunkt liegt oberhalb Puerto Naos. Blick auf das Küstengebiet mit Bananenplantagen, den kleinen Flecken La Bombilla und das dunkle Lavagestein.


Here you can see very impressively how the lava of the volcano has rolled into the landscape and cut off the upper connecting road to the south.


The viewpoint of Tajuya is one of the closest places to the volcano.

Tazacorte Puerto

Tazacorte Villa

historic building.
historic building / arts & culture.
historic building.
banana plantations / museum.
Traditionell wurde hier die Wäsche der Bewohner von Tazacorte (bagañete) gewaschen.



museum / natural heritage / volcano / visitor centre / showroom.
nature park.
historic building / museum.
natural heritage / nature reserve.
historic building / church.
Schöne Aussicht auf das Landschaftsschutzgebiet Tamanca und das Meeresreservat vor der Küste von Fuencaliente.
Der Blick gleitet über Weingebiet hinab zu Bananenfeldern und der Küste.
Canary Pine Tree with the Sculpture of the Virgin.
archaeological site / natural heritage / nature reserve.
nature park / nature reserve.
natural heritage / nature reserve / volcano.
nature park / nature reserve / picnic area.


Villa de Mazo

historic building / museum / arts & culture.
Permanently closed.
Astronomical viewpoint in Mazo.
archaeological site / natural heritage / nature reserve / volcano.
square / city hall.
museum / natural heritage.

Breña Alta

An der Hauptstrasse auf dem Weg zum Tunnel, der von Santa Cruz (Ostseite) nach El Paso (Westseite) führt.
arts & culture.

Breña Baja

Los Cancajos

Santa Cruz de La Palma

historic building / museum / arts & culture.
historic building / arts & culture.
historic building.
The Island Sanctuary: The pilgrimage church (built in 1517) keeps the Holy Virgin of the Snow, and a sculpture of the Archangel Michael, two patron saints of the La Palma island.
archaeological site / historic building.
historic building.
historic building / church.
historic building.
church / arts & culture.
historic building / museum / arts & culture.
The lift has all-round glazing and offers great views and is a shortcut to San Telmo.
historic building / arts & culture.
historic building.
arts & culture / showroom.
cinema / arts & culture.


viewpoint / historic building.
nature park / picnic area.

Los Sauces

archaeological site.
El Canal y Los Tilos Visitor Centre - here you can get comprehensive information about the Canary Islands' most important laurel forest and its springs.
nature park / nature reserve.
viewpoint / square.


San Andrés

The Sugarcane and Rum Museum of San Andrés.
This little church was built before 1530 and shows imitations of a gothic style.
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