The Flora on the Canary Island La Palma

28 December 2020

Imported and introduced

steingewaechse-la-palmaBesides the native Flora there are lots of imported and introduced plant species like the almond- and chestnut tree and hardly to overlook - the banana plant.

Some of the imported or introduced plants like the „rabo de gato“ (a grass species) have become a real plague threatening the native Flora.

La Palma - a fertile garden

jacaranda-la-palmaThanks to the bland climate on the "Isla Bonita", the Beautiful Island, also proper plenty of ornamental plants, vegetable and exotic fruits.


Basically, the period of blooming and maturity of plants or fruits in different climate zones can vary between 2 to 3 months.

On the south-west side and near the coast periods are respectively shorter.



The Canary Holly

Canary Holly
Ilex canariensis

Indian Laurel

„laurel de indias“
Indian Laurel / Chinese Banyan / Curtain Fig
Ficus microcarpa, syn. Ficus nítida / Ficus retusa

Canary Island Pine

restaurant / pizza / italian / terrace

Large Leaf Canary Islands St.John's-Wort

Large Leaf Canary Island St. John's-Wort
Hypericum grandifolium

Candelabra Spurge

candelabra spurge
Euphorbia canariensis


„flor de pascua“
Euphorbia pulcherrima

Canary Strawberry Tree

"madroño" – "madroño canario"
Canary Strawberry Tree
Arbutus canariensis

Tamarillo or Tree Tomatoes

Tree Tomato
Solanum betaceum, Cyphomandra betacea

Platanitos Kennedy - banana chips

Banana chips, assorted flavors.

EcoFinca PlatanoLógico

Breakfast / bar / cafeteria / terrace

MIGO Museo de Interpretacion del Gofio

restaurant / pizza / italian / terrace

Almonds of La Palma

restaurant / terrace / take away / Döner Kebab

Almond Blossoms on La Palma

From mid of January until February countless soft pink almond blossoms adorn the communities of El Paso, Tijarafe, Puntagorda and Garafía.

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