Large Leaf Canary Islands St.John's-Wort

31 July 2015

„malfurada“ - „maljurada” -„malforada“



Large Leaf Canary Islands St. John's-Wort - Hypericum grandifolium


The hermit from Macronesia is a delight to look at - in Germany the real St. John's-wort is available in pharmacies as an Antidepressant in tablet form.

Hypericum grandifolium

This lignifying shrub belongs to the malfurada-grossblaettriges-johanniskraut-hypericum-grandifolium-hypericaceae family and has many different names, that all kind of like sound similar.

The Latin name is Hypericum grandifolium.

A typical feature of the large, eponymous leaves are the small inlets with which they seem to encircle the stem.

The Large Leaf Canary St. John's Wort is also called the Hermit from Macronesia


Its natural occurrence is limited to the central and western Canary Islands and the island Madeira.

On La Palma the St. John's Wort grows in the areas from 400 meters in the upper coastal area up to the pine, mountain and laurel forests.

It prefers sunny but also wet areas and can grow up to 2 meters.


Cooler temperatures of about 10 degrees C do not pose any problems to perennial plants either.

malfurada-maljurada-grossblaettriges-johanniskraut-hypericum-grandifoliumThe leaves of the branching shrub are dark green and oval. 

Young, delicate shoots are reddishly tinted.


In summer the up to 5cm large, strong yellow blossoms, which also make the „malfurada“ a sought ornamental plant.

We find beautiful wild growing shrubs, for example in the area of  Barlovento, Breña Alta and El Paso.

The brownish tinted capsules contain small brown seeds.


Photos: Ines Dietrich

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