El viento a favor – Eco-Finca - Oyster mushrooms

Iraya Hernández Brito 
ROPE 2716-p

Camino Barranco de Aguacencio 120

San Pedro, Breña Alta


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health food store.
Market with fruits, vegetable, bread, baked goods, cheese, meat and handcrafts.
health food store / Bread & Pastries.
Farmer's market, local products
Bread & Pastries / crafts / cheese / fruits & vegetables / farmers market.
health food store / wholefood shop.
health food store / Bread & Pastries / food / wholefood shop / fruits & vegetables / wine.
health food store / food.
health food store.
San Petronio Los Llanos de Aridane
restaurant / mediterran / italian / terrace Closing day: Sunday
Fine Spanish-Canary Cuisine for Pampered Palates. Closing day: Sunday
Well prepared Canary Cuisine. Closing days: Tuesday, Wednesday
restaurant / international / mediterran / canarian / spanish / terrace Closing days: Monday, Tuesday
Cinnamon Bar Santa Cruz de La Palma
restaurant / tapas / international / mediterran Closing days: Monday, Sunday
restaurant / bar / mediterran / canarian / spanish / terrace
April 2021 - Unfortunately, the project "Mareando / Casa Amarilla" has ended its activity in this form.

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