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The menu of the day always holds new creative susprises in store.  

Many delicious Tapas (small portions), served either in the cosy ambience of a Palmerian house or on the terrace, where you enjoy a magnificent sea view.

In Tasca Catalina Dishes are served in Tapa-Sizes

No satiating ingredients, taste is dominated by main courses served in a Tapa bowl -  a special feature à la Tasca Catalina. tasca-catalina-restaurante-tapas-el-paso-la-palma-jakobsmuschel tasca-catalina-restaurante-tapas-el-paso-la-palma-polenta-rellena

Small portions offer epicures the possibility to taste many different dishes, usually a guest eats two to three Tapas.

Michael Richter opened his Tasca on July 7, 2000. 

Purchasing the terrain from a Palmero who lives in Venezuela, at first there were no electricity or water; the old house, whose walls were the only thing still standing, was fully restored by him.


Precisely the old stone walls and the typical Canary wooden ceiling are the ones, which create a pleasant and inviting atmopshere.

tasca-catalina-restaurante-tapas-el-paso-la-palma-elefanteThe crafted furnishing appears in  a warm and rustic style.  

This room and its walls are also offered by Michael to the artist Hagen Westphal as a platform to exhibit his paintings.

Moreover, carved figures of elephants, which Michael brought along from his trips to Asia, decorate the guest room.

The imposing view of the sea and the valley provides a panoramic view from Fuencaliente to the Cumbre

tasca-catalina-restaurante-tapas-el-paso-la-palma-pergola-When the weather is nice the terrace is a nice place to enjoy not only a wide, savoury Tapa range as well as the typical colourful sunsets of the Aridane Valley.


The kitchen opens into the guest room, where Michael Richter usually cook his delicacies during mid morning.


In the evening he serves the guests, explains the menu, describes dishes and recommends food and wine pairing.

At that time Valentina is busy preparing the Tapas for the guests and also is in charge of the desserts.

For ten years Rüdiger Michael has been assisting in the service area.

More employees reinforce the competent team and make the guests feel comfortable.

Local Farmers directly supply fruits, vegetable and rabbit meat


Herbs, tomatoes are cultivated in the front garden, chickens walk around and supply eggs. By the way - they don't end up in a soup. 


Cooking is Michael's passion, but it is also a challenge to him: ingredients are not always available on the Canary Island of La Palma, there is only a limited selection and many recipes have to be modified.

However, the island offers its own characteristic ingredients which are freshly prepared.

Tapas should give Guests the opportunity to experience a wide range of flavours


For the owner of Tasca it is important, that every menu tastes different, Michael is not a fan of repetitions. 


The restaurant has a permanent menu as well as a continuously changing weekly menu that always comes up with new creations. A board made of slate shows the daily specials and will be explained to the guest.

Some characteristic specialities of Tasca Catalina are:  

  • Cama Pez: sweet potatoes with different kinds of meat and coriander sauce.
  • Mamitaco: Basque stew of tuna fish
  • Lorenas: fried sweet peppers filled with cheese
  • Priest stranglers: spinach dumplings with Manchego cheese and butter



But also the partridge in chocolate sauce, the sweet-sour wild boar ragout or kid cooked in sweet wine as well as Pannacotta and the Barraquito torte are worth mentioning.

Dishes are served with red wine from the main land. From the Wines of La Palma you can choose between Vega Norte blanco, Vega Norte rosado and Tamanca Selección.

From November to April reservation is highly recommended


tasca-catalina-restaurante-tapas-el-paso-la-palma-vista-valleThe Tasca is very frequented although hardly any publicity is made. 

The restaurant has a hidden location below El Paso — coming from town you have to make a turn opposite the football stadium and get to know the rural idyll of Calle Miramar...

Photos: Uka Rösch, Bernd Roth, Tasca Catalina

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  • Visitor Visitor
    Rating Brilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 stars

    Perfektes Tapasrestaurant in schöner Lage mit Fernblick aufs Meer. Wir waren das 1. Mal im Restaurant. Ausgezeichnete Tapas mit hervorragenden Personal . Wir haben sofort wieder einen Tisch bestellt. Das Essen hat einen Michelinstern verdient. Sehr empfehlenswert. Die Tapas sind frisch gemacht und für jeden Geschmack ist was dabei. Auch eine zusätzliche Tageskarte ist zu der normalen Speisekarte vorhanden. Exzellente Weinkarte. Iryna und Klaus aus Bielefeld

    Ein Tapas hat ein bisschen länger gedauert. War aber nicht schlimm. Wir sind ja im Urlaub.

  • Visitor Visitor
    Rating Brilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 stars

    Sehr gemütliches Tapas Restaurant mit besonderen, leckeren Spezialitäten zu fairen Preisen. Sehr nettes Personal und guter Service zu hervorragendem Ambiente. Da die Platzanzahl begrenzt ist auf jeden Fall vorher reservieren!

  • Visitor Visitor
    Rating Brilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 stars

    Waren gestern dort und haben für heute schon wieder reserviert. Alles 1A!!! Man sollte allerdings auch von April bis November reservieren.

  • Uka Roesch Uka Roesch
    Rating Brilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 stars

    Sehr gut gegessen. Ceviche! (immer lecker) und Kabeljau in süss-saurer Sosse, ebenfalls köstlich. Ganz hervorragender Wein, ein Verdejo: "Nisia" aus dem Norden Spaniens.

  • Ulrich Roth Ulrich Roth
    Rating Brilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 stars

    Heute wieder mal in der Tasca gegessen. Zuerst eine leckere Fischsuppe, leicht pikant. War super. Danach Albacora aus dem Backofen mit Kapern, schwarzen Oliven, Tomaten und in Weißwein. Einfach lecker. Auch diesesmal hat Michael mit Fug und Recht die volle Punktzahl verdient.

  • Ulrich Roth Ulrich Roth
    Rating Brilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 stars

    Die Tasca Catalina gehört von Anfang an zu unseren empfohlenen Restaurants auf La Palma. Abwechslungsreiche leckere Tapas warten auf den Gast. Dieses Restaurant sollte man mindestens einmal während seines Urlaubsaufenthaltes auf der Insel besuchen. Sie werden es nicht bereuen. Volle Punktzahl