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Puerto de Tazacorte

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restaurant / fresh fish / terrace

Canary Beachfront Fish Restaurant.

A historic kiosk in Puerto de Tazacorte


The kiosk opened its doors in 1971, when the young Volcano Teneguía erupted.

At that time, the fish restaurant was located in the meanwhile renovated harbour and still not at the beach promenade. Juan Jaubert Castro Pérez, father of today’s restaurant manager Ana Maria Castro Mendez, bought it a view year after its opening.


kiosco-teneguia-restaurante-puerto-de-tazacorte-la-palma-ana-barraSince 1984, the „new“ Kiosco Teneguía has retained its location where the circular hiking trail GR-131 leads up to the Mirador "El Time".

At that time Ana's father built it together with his partner Juan Cruz Hernández.

Since 2002 Ana runs the kiosk.



The real owner, since the death of Ana’s father, is mother Dálida, who always has prepared fresh fish cooking together in a permanent team with Jose Domingo.

In case a storm comes up the building is closed with a wooden wine-barrel sized vault roof and barricaded to shield the kiosk against wind and sand.

The interior reminds a little bit on a ship below deck, not only because of its marine decoration but also due to its cosy cabin-like separées.

Sun Sets over the Atlantic Ocean

kiosco-teneguia-restaurante-puerto-de-tazacorte-la-palma-terrasse2Of course the terrace is the most popular place to enjoy the beach and the sea as and nice weather while having fish and Vino at Europa's place with the most hours of sunshine.

Enjoy wireless internet access (WLAN) and treat yourself with a coffee while checking your e-mails.

The restaurant offers a child-friendly atmosphere


Of course, the terrace like all other car-free beachfront restaurants offer lots of space to run around until food is served.


Kiosco Teneguía offers extra sturdy high chairs and a children’s toilet with a washbasin to meet the expectation of the little ones.

The turtle lake is another attraction, that adds interesting details to the restaurant’s design and makes it a lovely (holiday) experience to come here.


The menu lists traditional dishes and freshly caught fish

The fish platter is composed of the daily catch from the sea and can be ordered for any number of persons.


Select your preferred fish at the kitchen's showcase.

Moreover, there are specialities like for instance „Pulpo a la Gallega" and "Salpicón de Atún".

And there are also meat dishes, homemade croquettes and typical La Palma specials like "Queso asado" and  - traditional on the Canary islands— "Papas arrugadas" and "Mojo verde". The green sauce goes excellent with fish and some pork dished (Carne con papas y piñas), red Mojo is served together with grilled fish.

Blanco or tinto — white or red wine

kiosco-teneguia-restaurante-puerto-de-tazacorte-la-palma-terrasseAt Kiosco Tenequía wines of the island are served.

Originating from the Subzona Sur, a wine-growing region in the south oft the island (Las Manchas, Fuencaliente, Mazo), Teneguía, Hoyo de Mazo, Tendal and Tamanca as well as from the northwest the wine selection includes good drops of the Bodegas Vega Norte and Viña Traviesa.

At Kiosko Teneguía you can enjoy lunch after a hiking or biking tour or after a day on the beach and also order "Camarones y Cerveza" (shrimps & beer) while watching the sunset.

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  • Visitor Visitor
    Rating Really good - 4 starsReally good - 4 starsReally good - 4 starsReally good - 4 starsReally good - 4 starsReally good - 4 stars

    Gutes, bodenständiges Fischrestaurant direkt am Hafen. Günstige Preise und frischer Fisch und Meeresfrüchte, die geschmacklich überzeugen.

    Der Service ist etwas verbesserungsfähig und etwas lustlos, insgesamt aber dennoch eine Empfehlung für einfache und gute Küche!

  • Visitor Visitor
    Rating Zero - 0 starsZero - 0 starsZero - 0 starsZero - 0 starsZero - 0 starsZero - 0 stars

    Las vistas

    La calidad de la comida deja mucho que desear, el pescado no siempre es fresco, y el servicio tampoco es de lo mejor, nada recomendable

  • Visitor Visitor
    Rating Brilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 stars

    Absolut frischer Fisch - einfach nur lecker - superfreundliche Bedienung, die alles erklärt - auch die Geschichte des Restaurants, nachdem der ehemalige Koch, der über 37 Jahre hier gekocht hat, vorbei schaut. Auch leckere Weine - allesamt von La Palma. Sehr empfehlenswert.

  • Visitor Visitor
    Rating Brilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 stars

    Die Lage ist einmalig - frischer Wind und Meeresbrise garantiert. Der Fisch ist frisch - Harmonie pur!

  • Visitor Visitor
    Rating Brilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 stars

    Fischsuppe & Pulpo a la Gallega. Wie immer lecker. Kiosko Teneguia unsere erste Anlaufstelle in Puerto de Tazacorte. 6 Punkte sind gerechtfertigt.

  • Ulrich Roth Ulrich Roth
    Rating Brilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 stars

    Wir gehen immer wieder gerne zu Ana ins Kiosko Teneguia. Der Pulpo ala Gallega (Tintenfisch nach galizischer Art)ist wunderbar zart. Für mich der Beste den man hier auf der Insel bekommen kann. Eine Empfehlung ist auch der Pulpo a la Plancha.