El Duende del Fuego

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Plaza Elías Santos Abreu, 2
Los Llanos

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restaurant / tapas / vegetarian / organic / local products / mediterran / canarian / spanish / fusion

Quality and Commitment

The "Fire Goblin" has been cooking in Los Llanos since August 2014.

At first relatively inconspicuous in a side street with an urban ambience, there was no terrace to sit outside – he concentrated on the essentials: the dishes and their individual components. 

Since the beginning of 2021, he still does this, but with a new address in an improved location: at the picturesque Plaza Chica (the square Elías Santo Abreu), near the large Plaza de España of Los Llanos in the heart of the old town. There is also a parking garage nearby.

Conscious and sustainable

The chef and owner of the "Duende del Fuego" gastro bar, Pedro Castillo, places the highest value on local organic products. 

Since April of the same year, the outstanding result of solid cuisine in gourmet style with regional, ecological products and excellent service has also been recognised in the renowned Guía Repsol (roughly the Spanish Michelin).

The restaurant is mentioned here as a reference for those who love to travel and dine. Dealing with food intolerances and building a network of local suppliers and producers make Duende del Fuego a bastion in the Palmerian gastronomic landscape. The charm of the multi-storey old town house with patio rounds off the gourmet experience, and the well-equipped wine cellar naturally also holds the more exclusive island drops of La Palma.



This means: pesticide free food, that travels a short distance from the producer to his kitchen.

Unfortunately, not every product, he wants to use for preparing his dishes, is available 100% organic, which is why in some cases he has to draw back to traditional products.


Pedro Castillo is affiliated to EcoPalmarestaurante-el-duende-del-fuego-los-llanos-de-aridane-la-palma-eco-palma, an association of organic farmers and consumers on the "isla bonita“.


Every other weekends he is also committed to show enthusiasts in his cooking classes, how t0 prepare local organic products at home.

Moreover, Pedro is involved in a project called "Tierras Agroecológicas KM-0“, organized by local ecological producers. 


This project, operating throughout Spain, also focuses promotion of local products; short distances instead of negative climate footprint  and social incompatibility.

Pedro Castillo works with a group of producers, who supply him with cheese, wine, fruits, vegetable. Additionally, he visits different farmers markets to stock up the restaurant kitchen.



Pedro is proud of his Suppliers, each one is listed on his Menu as transparency is Key to him


The„Duende del Fuego“ adjusts its creations to seasonal offered products of the Palmerian Markets.


Therefore, there is no fixed menu. Pedro Castillo prefers to draw up a current menu every two weeks.

And if something is not available the way he wants it, he simply prepares his own products, for example the bread, that is served together with his dishes.


el-duende-del-fuego-PANES--DE--SABORESHe orders a bakery to bake his special bread baking mixture: slightly fermented dough with some bran - light, soft and perfect to soak up the sauce. 

Pedro himself prefers hearty breads: Wholemeal bread and preferably with his self-grown organic wheat. On advance order or for special occasions Pedro bakes special breads, for example with Indian fig flavour.

Cold cuts are also homemade and include ham, Chorizo and bacon.



For all who want to take home some flavour: Pedro's ready prepared ingredients, which he uses for his dishes for example are fruit pickles, can also offered for sale at the Gastro Bar. 


They are displayed together in a glass display case next to almond cookies, fruits, vegetable, organic coffee and wine.


Wines originate from the mainland, but of course, also from the island.

Wines are offered from the Subzona Norte: Tendal, Tagalguén, Piedra Jurada and from the South (Subzona Fuencaliente): Matías i Torres, Mil7ochentaynueve.

(Learning) Experience outside the Canary Islands


el-duende-del-fuego-bizcocho-de-chocolate-sin-gluten-sin-lactosaThe Palmero travelled a lot. He got to know and came to appreciate many things during his work and trainings - in Barcelona, Fuerteventura, Germany,  in Switzerland and Andorra.

During his work in a hotel kitchen he once hat to face an extreme food intolerance of a child.


This incident left a lasting impression on Pedro.

He tried out several allergy diets by himself for some weeks to investigate how to choose from a multitude of nutriments and flavours.

Such challenges encourage Pedro Castillo - and the taste of his vegan and lactose-free guava-rice pudding Alioli definitely wins over everyone!

Creativity & Conviction


Pedro is intrigued by the simplicity of the Renaisance Cuisine. At that time there was only a small selection of ingredients and everything was completely utilized. 


Pedro gets a mayor part of inspiration from his cookbook, that deals with dishes from that former period of time.

Simple but high quality products - that's his motto. Moreover he places great importance to certified organic cultivation. And Pedro is convinced, that a certificate is the only guarantee.

Pedro Castillo shows determination and conviction and at the same time pioneers with his restaurant on the Canary Island La Palma.

Still the most important thing is the taste!

The vegetarian, fish, meat as well as the small and big dishes, Tapas and desserts not only are very appealing, but also taste excellent and are surprisingly inexpensive.


Exhibitions of interesting artists from the island change on a monthly basis and attract many new guests to the Gastro Bar.


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    So ein übles, schlechtes Essen hatten wir auf Isla Bonita noch nie. Wir waren zu viert dort und keinem hat es geschmeckt!!! Nie wieder

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    Rating Brilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 stars

    Gestern Abend war ich wiedermal beim Duende. Eine leckere Tapa, Pulpo mit Kartoffeln und einer grünen Soße aus frischen Kräutern. Ist schon was feines. Dafür bekommt er von mir volle Punktzahl. Diesen Pulpo solltet ihr probieren.

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    Rating Brilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 starsBrilliant - 6 stars

    Heute war ich nun zum 3. mal im El Duende del Fuego. Super Küche. Heute hatte ich das Estefado de Garbanzas. Einfach absolut frisch gemacht. Super. auch die Preise. Preiswert bei hoher Qualität. Dieses Restaurant gehört auf unsere "Leckeressens Liste".