Vastness and Canyons - Circular Hike in Puntagorda

23 July 2015

... to the San Mauro Canyon

3-hour hike downhill, uphill and sometimes on the flats.



Farmer's Market - El Pinar - Barranco San Mauro - Iglesia San Mauro Abad - Barranco San Mauro - Mirador Matos - Mill - Edge of  the Hiscaguán Canyon - Farmer's Market


Hikeable year-round.


Breathtaking View down the "barranco"!


2-schluchten-und-weite-puntagorda-rundwanderung-mirador-glasOur tour starts in Puntagorda, in the recreation area "El Fayal" at the parking area of the Farmer's Market „Mercadillo del Agricultor“.

Before starting our hike, we treat ourselves with a breathtaking view of the deep Hiscaguán Canyon at of one of the glazed lookout-points.

3-schluchten-und-weite-puntagorda- rundwanderung

Walking past the market hall we continue the green marked trail SL LP6, towards Ermita de San Mauro.

We cross the village Puntagorda, the picturesque district El Pinar and turn right shortly after Cuatro Caminos giving way to a rural idyll.

Almond trees border our way almost everywhere.



At the Barranco San Mauro a path leads about 200 meters up the rim of the canyon and we then continue downhill partially on pine needles (watch out - danger of slipping!).


After crossing the small Barranco we reach a paved road and follow the signs down to the coast.

This section is steeper, but we are in no rush and enjoy the view of the sea.

Walking past a few houses we reach the old 16th century church, Iglesia San Mauro Abad.

The Village Puntagorda was founded there once


At the church square we take the yellow-white marked trail PR LP 11.1 towards the Mercadillo del Agricultor. 

It leads us again through the Barranco of San Mauro.

Walking past fields and a small pine grove the path finally takes us to the left down towards the coast.

Fruits and vegetables are grown in this area.


We make an effort and climb up the clearly visible panoramic mountain Mirador de Matos


The effort is rewarded by a fantastic all-round view of the landscape of Puntagorda and Garafía. 

Back to the gravel road we soon start the climb. It is where small paths alternate with wide roads.

Shortly after passing the old windmill the road flattens - until we come to our last climb along the Hiscaguán Canyon.  

Enjoying marvellous views of the Barranco, the mountains and the windmill of the neighbouring village Las Tricias, we finally come back to the starting point - the market hall.


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