Road works in Tijarafe

20 February 2023

Traffic lights and waiting times:

Traffic on the LP-1 road, section LP-118 will only be able to travel in one lane until probably July due to clearing work. This applies to the section between kilometres 87 + 740 (cemetery junction) and 86 + 990 (Punto limpio). In the area of the intersection LP-1 / LP-116 (El Jesús), LP-1 / LP - 118 (Carretera de La Costa), traffic will be restricted to residents and regulated by traffic signs.

Please drive moderately even now, as traffic can build up especially behind the bends.

Road works in Tijarafe

Significant traffic obstructions since 10 April 2023 onwards.

In the area of the Barranco Jorado gorge (Km 86) there will be the following restrictions:

  • 08:00 to 18:00 (Monday - Thursday) and 8:00 to 14:00 (Friday) - Opening of the road on one lane in certain sections controlled by staff and/or traffic lights.
  • 18:00 to 22:30 (Monday to Thursday) and from 14:00 (Friday), Saturdays, Sundays (until 22:30) and public holidays - Opening of the road without disrupting traffic due to works (except for the El Jorado traffic lights)
  • 22:30h to 0:30h and from 01:00 to 6:30h complete closure at night except Friday and Saturday night. 

During the half hour from 0:30h and 1:00h, vehicles are also allowed to pass on the closure days. 

Emergency vehicles may also pass during the total closure, for other traffic the road is closed

There may be waiting times of up to 20 minutes on traffic lights

Anticipate the construction site!

IMPORTANT: Especially when you leave, take the construction site into account so that you don't miss your flight!

If your holiday home is north of El-Jesús Tijarafe in Puntagorda or Garafía, then we recommend that you travel from the airport via the east side, i.e. Barlovento.

If you live in the Aridane Valley and want to climb Roque de Los Muchachos, for example, please take the route via the east side!

Changed bus timetable

Changed routing of the island hiking trail GR 130

Closure of the hiking trail from Ermita in El Jesús in a northerly direction to Tijarafe. 

The island hiking trail GR 130 - Camino Real de la Costa y Medianías, Stage 5: Tijarafe - Los Llanos de Aridane is closed between Ermita del Buen Jesús and El Camino La Quinta due to scheduled clearing work in the area between kilometre points 86+740 and 86+990 of LP-1 "Barranco El Jorado". This closure also directly affects all those short-distance trails that include this section of the GR.

Expansion of the infrastructure

On the 7.6 km long section of the LP-1 road, which connects La Punta with Tijarafe, the safety and comfort of traffic as well as its environmental values are to be improved.

Among other things, three bridges and a tunnel near El Jurado will be built to shorten the journey. The planned bridges will cross the gorges of Los Gomeros (with an 80-metre viaduct), El Jesús (70 metres) and El Jorado (80 metres). Additional lanes will be created, crossings will be rearranged and the passage through the town of Tijarafe will be made more resident-friendly.

The construction works will start at the southernmost point on the LP-118 road (La Costa) in the town of La Punta (La Prosperidad level) and will then extend to the northern end of the town of Tijarafe, to Tierras Viejas.

The estimated cost of this infrastructure measure is 49.3 million euros.

We cannot yet predict to what extent the holiday homes in the immediate vicinity of the construction sites will be affected by noise.

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