Puntagorda examplifies Energy Saving

6 July 2016

A great sustainable initiative within the municipality's daily life

To come in first place of all Canary municipalities, Puntagorda switches over their entire municpal illumination to energy saving LED lights.

This not only results in saving 50% energy by discharging the houshold budget. It is also an important contribution in making the "green island" even more greener, from an ecological perspective.

The investment comprises a total of 138.000 €, of which 60 % are fincanced by the Dirección de Industria y Energía and 40% by municipal funds.

With an annually cost saving up to 50.000 €  implementation already pays off in the first year

The lifespan of the lamps is guaranteed for 5 years, which saves up to 200.000 €, an amount that can benefit inhabitants of Puntagorda in other sectors. 

According to mayor Vicente Rodríguez the municpality makes an important contibution to reduce the CO2 impact. On La Palma electricity is still obtained from crude oil, which is why each step towards energy saving is gaining ever greater importance.

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