Short Walk and Bathing Fun – Playa Salemera

16 July 2015

The Bay of Playa Salemera is located in the municipality of Mazo, in the southeast of the island La Palma

The pleasant seaside hike takes about 1 hour. 


Playa Salemera Bay - „Camino Playa de Salemera“ - Punta Cangrejera -Playa Salemera - Kiosco


Small Houses add colour to the dark Volcanic Landscape


A peaceful setting and crystal clear water invite you to relax, take a bath and snorkel when the sea is calm.  


The rocky wave-cut platform near the sulphur mountain Montaña de Azufre at low tide displays an exceptional diversity of species.

The now visible tide pools are full of living beings, partially from the coastal area but also those, who usually are found at a depth of 200 meters.


Discover Starfish, Calamari, Crabs, Anemones and different Fish Species


playa-salemera-richtung-santa-cruzHere you can watch fishermen bring in their fresh catch with their small boats. 

The small sandy beach next to the marina is also called Arenas Blancas (white sand).

This effect is based on the high portion of pulverized seashells, calcareous seaweed and snails shining in the dark sand.

An avant-garde Lighthouse is standing out starkly from the landscape


It is 26 meters tall and its signals are visible up to a distance of 15 sea miles (28 km).


In case there is no bathing weather or you feel like walking you can stroll around the lovely spot and then return a short stretch on the street.

Turning off to the right is a dirt road, that can hardly be overlooked.

It is the trail „Camino Playa de Salemera".


It is an easy-going path that takes you along a volcanic landscape with sparse vegetation and many opportunities for a direct access to the sea or to small places for bathing.


Punta Cangrejera with some more houses and bathing places can be reached in about 30 minutes. Go for a spin in the small settlement and then take the familiar path back to Playa Salemera.

The Kiosko is a nice place to take a break and enjoy fresh fish. 

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    Das Kiosco ist DIE Empfehlung - köstliche Speisen, preiswert und nette Wirtsleute , dafür haben wir gerne den Weg von Tijarafe auf uns genommen .
    Aber man kann ja immer was „ am Weg“ zur Besichtigung „mitnehmen „