Fregie bags

Fregie instead of Plastic  — for a Sustainable Island 


Fregie Bags are:

  • preventing waste 
  • reusable
  • protecting the environment 
  • food-safe
  • tear resistant (up to 4kg)
  • recyclable
  • washable


The easy to close and sturdy net bag store up to 4kg fruits or vegetable. 

They are easy to wash and dry quickly, which makes them a perfect solution to avoid plastic waste during shopping. 

Foto beach: Kaho'olawe Beach Hawaii, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration USA

Plastic waste causes ocean pollution

By now, world seas contain 60 times more plastic waste than plankton. 

Forecasts predict until 2050, that there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans.

Plastic is in our food...

Microscopic decayed plastic bits from the oceans enter our food chain, i.e. via fish and sea food, ending up on our plates.  

Help our environment and promote the health of our children, by avoiding to use plastic whenever possible!

Points of Sale

Los Llanos

Local products – cultivated in the Aridane Valley. At Nisamar's Fruits and Vegetables stand at the market hall you can buy Fregie bags.

La Laguna