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20 September 2021

Dear guests!

As you are surely following in the media, the volcano of Cumbre Vieja has erupted on our beautiful island.

All residents could be evacuated from the area affected by the lava flow in time, so fortunately no one was harmed. 

Unfortunately, accommodation in this zone cannot be occupied for the time being for safety reasons. Partly, the lava has also destroyed the access roads and the pipelines.

For reservations with arrival within the next 4 weeks we therefore offer a rebooking to another accommodation in a safe area.

Alternatively, payments already made can be credited by means of a travel voucher. The voucher is valid for bookings until 31.12.2023, the travel period can also be in 2024 or 2025.

You can make new holiday plans once the situation has calmed down and the volcano has ceased its activity. The islanders, who are already severely affected by the Corono situation, urgently need your help and support after that and are happy about every guest who remains loyal to the island.

We would like to ask you to contact us by e-mail, as our telephone line is overloaded. 

Our e-mail address:

We thank you very much for your understanding and hope for your support during this difficult time.

Road closure and further information

  • Official information channels:
    Cabildo de La Palma (@CabLaPalma) / Twitter

  • Closed roads:
    ❌LP-3 La Cumbre (restricted)
    ❌LP-2 from Sombrero to Las Manchas
    ❌Tacande road
    ❌Puerto Naos Road
    ❌Todoque road
    ❌La Laguna to Tazacorte road
    ⚠️ Unnecessary circulating vehicles (El Paso height) will be sanctioned!
    ⚠️ Due to the landslides in Tazacorte, it is recommended to avoid the coastal area of Tijarafe, or not to drive around there unnecessarily.

  • Please expect detours, the tunnel is only open to residents or people with air/ferry tickets. 

  • Do not drive unnecessarily into the danger zone to avoid unnecessary risks! It is extremely important to keep the roads clear so that the rescue forces can act unhindered.

  • The lava flow has overrun the village centre with its church of Todoque and has arrived at the coast, where it has been flowing into the sea at Los Perdidos beach near Los Guirres (Playa Nueva) since the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. The road connecting Tazacorte and Puerto Naos is impassable, and an access road has been created for the fincas.

  • Residents within a 5km radius of the lava crater should be careful, as the explosions can break windows and injure them.

  • Residents of San Borondón, Marina Alta, Marina Baja and La Condesa are advised to stay indoors as the lava is emitting toxic gases.

  • The airport is operational at the moment. Please check with your airline if they are flying. The ferry companies are operating additional boats.

  • The hiking trails in the municipalities of Villa de Mazo, Fuencaliente, Los Llanos de Aridane, Tazacorte and El Paso and the accesses to the caldera (Barranco and Los Brecitos, Espigón del Roque) are closed.

  • The following TILP bus routes are not running:

  • In case of volcanic ash rain:
    Cover drinking water containers, close doors and windows, pack food, leave the house only wearing a mask, do not engage in outdoor activities and follow official sources of information. Lava ash should only be swept away, not washed away with water.

Donations help

Due to the volcanic disaster on La Palma, many families have lost their homes, farms and livelihoods.

Hundreds of houses were destroyed by the lava flow, which is still moving towards the sea. During the evacuation, a large part of those affected could only take a little with them. Papers, some laundry, medicines. Such was the instruction, everything else remained there.

In order to support these people with at least the most basic necessities, the affected communities of El Paso and Llanos have set up donation accounts. The money will be forwarded to the affected people by a central office.

We at La Palma ask our customers who are now postponing or cancelling their trip to transfer part of the refunded amount to one of these accounts as a donation.

Some of them have already complied with this request. We are especially grateful to Mr. S. who waived the entire refund for the price of his holiday accommodation and donated 2,840.00 €. We immediately forwarded the money to the municipality of El Paso and the mayor asked us to pass on his thanks.

We would be very happy if you could also help with a donation to alleviate the suffering of those affected and to help them build a new home, a new existence.

  • Ayuntamiento El Paso
    La Caixa IBAN ES26 2100 7109 3122 0015 5652 / BIC: CAIXESBBXXX
    Cajasiete IBAN ES57 3076 0480 6710 0761 6723 / BIC: BCOEESMM076

  • Ayuntamiento de Los Llanos de Aridane
    Bank La Caixa IBAN ES06 2100 1921 1902 0014 1752 / BIC CAIXESBBXXX

Please include your DNI or NIE or passport number, last name, first name, "Aportación Volcánica". Thank you very much.

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  • Visitor Visitor

    Thank you for a very honestly information so no doubt; we really understand the very very bad situation at your beautifull island.
    We look forward to the eruption will come to an end very soon as there are so many many heavy duties to over overcome aften these "night-mare". Yours sincerely Bent and family from Denmark.