Driving on La Palma - What to keep in mind?

13 October 2015

Legal Exceptions and Local Practices

In Spain and on the Canary Island of La Palma the same traffic rules apply as in all other EU countries.


You might even find speed limits marked directly on the road and signs along the street, which are easier-to-view than in the "jungle of signs" in Germany.

If there is no speed restriction specified, the general limit is 90 km/h on country roads  (100 km/h on two-lane-roads with solid lines or verges with a width of more than 1,50m) and 50 km/h in built-up areas. 


Yellow lines (zig-zag or solid lines) mark no-parking areas, blue lines mark areas for time-limited parking.

Enter a roundabout from the rightmost lane. Vehicles on a roundabout have priority, unless otherwise marked on the road or signalized by a traffic sign. Leave the roundabout using your right blink signal to let those know, who like to enter the roundabout, they can now step on their gas.


The maximum permitted alcohol level in the blood is 50 ml (0,5 per mille) for each litre of blood/or 0,25 per mille breath-alcohol. A drunk driver not only will be heavily fined but also is threatened with weekend detention in jail. If at any time you should have consumed too much vino, each restaurant will gladly call you a taxi — on La Palma transportation service is available at favourable prices.


One local peculiarity: If the foremost vehicle in a line wants to turn to the left, usually the vehicles behind also blink, to signalize arriving drivers to slow down. This does not actually mean that the blinking cars will also intend to make a turn.

La-Palma.Travel and Monta La Palma Car Rental wish you a safe and pleasant journey!

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